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All the users put their video loops on Youtube. But, on a long term, I don't think it will become a successful business. I think the concept of this website is to build online tool for people to record video clips. Each user can create a library of video clips on their computer and share them to their friends. When they do recording, they can choose the theme of the video. When you search for a song on Youtube, it will search your library automatically. However, when you try to search a library on the website, you need to first add it by yourself. So, I think that people use YouTube for recording because they can simply add their library on the website. But, when you want to have a long-term relationship with your friends, it is not efficient. On the contrary, I think the website is not useful to people. I think the concept of the website is more suitable for people who have a lot of time to create a video. They can build a library of their videos and the record online at the same time. As I mentioned before, the website can search for a user’s library when it is too difficult to make their own library. So, I think that the website can work better with users who have a lot of time to make their own library. 4. Question 3: When you were creating a video, you have to specify the theme. Which theme was most popular on the site? The theme of the video can be based on three categories, narration, dancing and sports. All the three are the most popular themes. Narration:The song of the theme is “My First Love” by Beastie Boys. The narration is the story of the video that is about children and their toys. There is some superlatives and narrative in the song, so the video is also superlative. Dancing:The theme is “Breakeven” by Beastie Boys. The main character in the theme is Super Robot Wars. There are two themes in this video, dancing and cartoons. I think that the video was very popular on Youtube because the song “Breakeven” is really popular in the whole world. Sports:The theme is “Walk It Out” by Cool Kids. The theme is the story of the video. There are three characters in the video, an athlete, his friend and his coach. The athlete is competing for a high



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Crackrobotmilleniumv21 [March-2022]

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